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Can we even remember back when we didn’t have a smart phone and actually had to ask for directions from a stranger? My point is we still need humans in the online world.

This is my human page

Welcome to the Digital Age where almost anything is possible online. Yes, even Artificial Intelligence replacing the common GP apparently.

Did you know the About page on a website is the 2nd most visited after the home page?

Why? Because that visitor to your site wants to know more about you before making a decision on whether to work with you/buy from you, read or download the fruits of your labour.

Why Work With Me?

Skills & Expertise

A graduate of the eBusiness Institute’s Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program in 2014. Personally coached by the founders, Matt & Liz Raad.

Since then I’ve spent 18 months as SEO Project Manager for a Digital Marketing Agency as well as serving my own clients. I keep my finger on the pulse within many SEO & web design networks and communities and I take pride in being up to date on the latest news and techniques.


One of my greatest passions is coaching, training and educating. As a mentor with the ASBAS (Australian Small Business Advisory Service) Digital skills program I have helped many business owners work through issues and frustrations around being visible online. I also hold a Cert IV in Training & Assessment.

Trust & Transparency
By investing my time to talk and listen at length to business owners about their problems and frustrations I quickly build up a rapport. We establish your goals and I tailor a strategy that fits not only your goals but your budget too.

Personal and Personable

I am Not a Faceless Agency – I invest my time in getting to know my clients, their business and their business goals before we even start working together. There is a small team in the background hand picked for their skills and expertise in specific areas however when you work with me I am your main point of contact. It is my intention that we will have a long term relationship built on trust and transparency. I am not trying to build a digital agency and prefer to work only with 4-5 clients at a time to keep things personal.
Extension of Your Team
I’m a creative thinker and this is one of my key strengths. Whilst the work that I do does have many technical components I love contributing my ideas, providing a fresh perspective and helping my clients pursue new opportunities for online growth. I’ll work hard for your business as if it were my own.

EAT (Expertise, Authority & Trust) is the holy grail online. These are things you cannot compromise quality on. Backlinks (other websites yours associates with), content, site structure, navigation. Done properly results are durable and you minimize the risk of being taken out by Google’s next algorithm update. My motto is quality over quantity.

Tailor Made Solutions
There is no “one-size fits all” solution in the work that I do. We don’t have packages A, B & C. No two businesses are the same. Each would have different goals therefore each deserves its own strategy. Since no two businesses are the same even in the same industry neither should any marketing or SEO plan be.
Whilst my home is in Melbourne, distance is not a factor in working with me. Whilst I do love to meet my clients face to face I am equally comfortable working with you remotely & happy to chat via skype or video conference but if you’re local let’s do latte!

Are we a good fit to work together?

Let’s have a 15 minute chat…


Here’s a selection of websites we’ve built for local businesses in Banyule & Nillumbik area

Need Help?

I love talking websites and all things related. Maybe you haven’t quite found the answers or solutions you’re looking for yet. Get in touch I am here to help and tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Phone: +0422 904803


Thank you for your endless patience & dedication throughout the extremely difficult & challenging web design process!

Please accept this gift as a gesture of my appreciation for your tireless effort in bringing the sales page to life.  I hope you can share in a sense of pride as to the final product and what you’ve been instrumental in achieving.

Know that your input & time is forever appreciated.


Fitness Explosion

Hey Vicky, started implementing the changes you recommended and have already seen an improvement in rankings! Thanks so much!! 🙂

Evans House

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you”

Maya Angelou