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WordPress Websites Which Work!

Get Visible Online with a Google Friendly Website Which Attracts & Converts Your Ideal Customer

Is your Website Working? If it’s not bringing you new customers or leads you have a  problem which I can solve!

As a business owner you understand the need to market your business. It’s probably why you already have or want a website. A pretty site with all the bells and whistles may look nice but does it convert enquiries to sales?

Your website is the most powerful marketing tool that you have! Let me help you put it to work.

I’m Vicky Trainor, a certified webmaster qualified in web development and design and search engine optimisation.

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Getting Found in Google in Today’s Digital Age

Long gone are the days when we would reach for the Yellow Pages to find a local business. We are all asking Google anything we want to know
and more so these days from our smart phones which we carry around with us 24/7. Google, Bing or Yahoo have pretty much replaced the
Yellow Pages. With voice search now we don’t even need to lift a finger.

There has never been a better time than now to stake a claim for your business online!

SEO in a Nutshell: Keywords, Content & Links

What do your customers type in to google?

Would they find your business featured in the search results? Or just your competitors?

Do you have enough content on your site addressing the problems concerns and information your customers are looking for? Do you add content regularly?

Who are you associated with online?

If you want Google and other search engines to to trust your site you need to take an interest in these key components of Search Engine Optimisation.

In the Yellow Pages era where businesses were listed alphabetically it was easy to get seen first by just starting your business name with an A or paying for ad space. Whilst you can still pay to be seen in Google’s search results there are literally thousands of businesses vying for the all important FREE listings on page 1 because everybody knows page 2 and beyond is the wasteland.

Local SEO & Google Maps Expert

For businesses serving customers locally the biggest driver for phone calls and leads is getting visible in Google Maps.

Whether you’re a home based or a shopfront business, local SEO is an essential component. With a properly configured Google Maps profile your customers will more easily find you online. Maintaining your profile, adding customer reviews consistently and adding content will not only boost your position in the maps search results and lead to more enquiries.

Invest in SEO & Reap These Rewards

Improved Online Visibility

Your website more easily found by people who need your products or services

More Enquiries

And potential customers contacting your business

Increased Conversions

Visitors to your website taking action

A Competitive Edge on Your Rivals

Be ahead of their game

Scale and Grow

You can more easily scale & grow

Increased Value of Your Business

An effective website is a valuable business asset

Results you can track

Which are durable too

Let’s talk SEO. Book in a FREE
15 minute call

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to SEO and we embrace the challenge to individualise each project to the specific needs of each business. No cookie cutter approach here.

You can start with a local campaign and wait for tangible results and a good return on your investment before turning up the volume.

Website Maintenance Which Works!
Does your Site need a Check-up?

Hosting & Maintenance plans specifically tailored to meet the needs of pro-active business owners

If you value your website as a prized business asset which needs to be properly looked after you’re in the right place.

It’s a great way to get to know each other. For most of my clients this is the start of our journey together.

Just as you would tend to your garden, your website needs regular care & attention. If left unattended it becomes outdated, weeds will grow and take over (except they will appear in the form of malicious software (malware) or a nasty virus. One day you’ll find the weeds overgrown (your site is down) & restoring it to its former glory will be an expensive and time consuming headache.

Just as you wouldn’t service your car yourself (unless of course you’re a mechanic) you shouldn’t be at the wheel of your website unless you fully know how to drive it.

Let an expert take care of your website for a small monthly fee and peace of mind.

Our hosting & maintenance plan are carefully crafted like none others to include all the services we understand small business owners either don’t have time for, aren’t comfortable doing or don’t have the resources to do themselves.

Unlike any other website maintenance plans we include foundational seo services such as google analytics, keywords and search terms used & more.

FREE website health check included. No lock in contract. Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Why Work With Vicky?

I love what I do and I do it with passion. Both SEO and web design enable me to tap in to my technical skills but also indulge my analytical nature and creative thinking. My philosophy is based on integrity and longevity and I proudly maintain high standards and attention to detail in all the work that I do. The rewards are bountiful in seeing tangible results for my clients and forming great partnerships.

  • I Listen & I Care, I seek to understand and to empower
  • We start with understanding your needs, we set goals and then work relentlessly to achieve them
  • I am not a designer who will build you a flashy website which isn’t functional
  • I am not a coder who will build you a complex site you won’t be able to update yourself if you want to
  • I am SEO specialist who will optimise your site to rank well in the search engines AND give visitors to your site a seamless experience
  • I have crafted a unique yet proven process which works for busy business owners