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Why I Decided to Learn SEO

Truth is I didn’t! I decided to learn about websites and how to build them and make money from them.

I may as well have embarked on a course just about SEO because without the knowledge of SEO and the skill to apply it, you cannot build a successful website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation for the uninitiated) is a fascinating multi-faceted topic of which there are many moving parts. Some things stay the same but there is always something new to learn about or adapt to. It is constantly evolving and therefore keeping up to date can be a challenge but a rewarding one.

There is an extensive actively engaged community around the topic and many conversations to become part of or glean knowledge snippets from.

SEO appeals to my deeply analytical nature and my incessant thirst for knowledge. I quickly learned that to know SEO and apply it effectively was a bankable skill and so I built my business around it.

Build it and They’ll Come. NOT!

My first few clients only wanted a website. Despite building these sites with the best SEO groundwork I felt like I was giving a baby up for adoption when the project came to an end.

I continued to monitor performance of those sites via Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools (now Search Console). Once they were active, it was easy to identify valuable opportunities for further optimisation and improvement. However, my clients were happy with just the odd new lead coming through and their existing word of mouth referrals.

Your Website is a More Valuable Asset when it Attracts and Converts your Ideal Client

Once your site is live and getting traffic you will gain invaluable insights into how to improve its performance:

  • Is the traffic converting?
  • Are visitors taking action? Eg clicking a phone no. from their mobile device, clicking an email address or submitting a form (quote form or contact form) or in the case of ecommerce reaching the checkout page and actually checking out (or abandoning cart)?
  • How engaged are your visitors?
  • Which pages do they spend most time on?
  • Which pages are actually generating the traffic and to what extent?
  • What search terms are people typing in to their search engine which has lead them to your site?
  • And More…..

What if I Showed you HOW

Knowledge is Power. My Mission is to Empower

So, whilst building a website with good SEO foundations is definitely an advantage it is unfortunately a job half done without the post launch analysis and optimisation.

This is where I saw value in sharing my knowledge and expertise around SEO. Working mostly with small businesses with limited or no marketing budget I found little education went a long way. Whilst some aspects of SEO are complex there are many components which can be easily understood and applied which with the appropriate support and guidance will reap great rewards.

My mission is to equip you with enough knowledge to understand SEO essentials so that we can craft a unique SEO strategy for your business which matches your goals, your budget, your preferred level of involvement and speed of implementation.

SEO Done With You not For You

The knowledge you’ll gain will stay with you and every ounce of it you apply to your site adds value to your business asset.

You don’t truly understand to what depth your knowledge goes until you are teaching it to others. Helping others succeed is far more rewarding to me than doing the work for you. Nobody knows your business as well as you do. Therefore only you should hold the reins. It’s a collaborative approach which works. Your success is my success!

As a perpetual student of SEO I will continue to learn and share and keep you up to date on what’s important.

Vicky Trainor

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